Meet Emma

Boudoir Photographer


Messy. Complicated. Beautiful.

Top Photo Courtesy of the amazing Stormy Sloane with Rebel & Romance Boudoir Photography.   Bottom Photo Courtesy of the talented Shawnee Custalow.

Top Photo Courtesy of the amazing Stormy Sloane with Rebel & Romance Boudoir Photography. 

Bottom Photo Courtesy of the talented Shawnee Custalow.

Life. It’s messy, complicated, unimaginably beautiful, and way more multifaceted than any of us can know until the years roll on, our experiences pile up, and hindsight reveals the truth.

After I had my own boudoir portraits done, where I once saw a flawed body devoid of beauty, I’m now able to see a much more powerful truth - a sexy, dynamic woman who can light up a room.

And you? What’s your truth? What brought you here to Blush Boudoir? You want photos of yourself, but not just any photos…you want sexy, sultry, sensual boudoir photos. Where dark and moody romance meets you in the shadows, reaching out as it calls you to a place deep inside that you’ve not yet discovered.

Hot, right?

Something inside you wants to be seen, needs to be seen, but it’s more than that… deep down, you’re ready to see the truth that’s been hiding away under everything else that clamors for your time and attention.

But what about the noise? That visceral fear that you’re not enough - not sexy enough, not fit enough, not confident enough..

You want the truth?

You’re beautiful just as you are. In fact, there’s a side of you that’s so smokin’ hot, you wouldn’t believe me if I told you. I know what I’ll see from behind my lens when you show up and strip down and it’s far more breathtaking than you could ever imagine.

How do I know?

Because in my years of shooting as a boudoir photographer, I’ve seen transformations you wouldn’t believe as women step into a side of themselves they’ve not yet experienced and own their newfound power.

Don’t believe me? Too worried about stretch marks, “mom bod”, and that cellulite you’ve been conditioned to hate, or maybe you’re worried you’re just not sexy? There’s no such thing as “one perfect body” and there’s so much more to beauty than being thin or fit or having perfect skin, or trying to fit into narrow standards brought to you buy the pervasive culture of mainstream media.

The truth is, you have no idea how beautiful, sexy, and sultry you really are, but I do. I can show you what I see if you’re ready.


Thanks to Stormy with Rebel and Romance Boudoir for helping me love myself as I am.

Thanks to Stormy with Rebel and Romance Boudoir for helping me love myself as I am.

You know those messy parts of life, where things get all yucked up and you walk around feeling like you’ve somehow lost your worth as a woman? Yeah, not fun.

A few years back, I stumbled smack into “messy” and after struggling with significant weight gain, I could hardly look in the mirror without hating what I saw.

But then… something happened that opened my eyes and shifted my perception. Someone asked me why I had blue hair. This little question was a catalyst for big change because in that moment, I suddenly realized that I wanted and needed to be seen on a deeper level.

I needed to redefine what “beautiful” meant to me and start giving myself the love that I needed regardless of my perceived physical flaws.

I shifted my photography practice to focus on shoots that celebrated the diverse beauty of women and their bodies - bodies of all shapes and sizes. It was healing to me and so easy to find beauty in my clients. Little by little I began to consider that maybe, just maybe, I was beautiful too, extra weight or not.

Me, My Underwear, & Times Square

And then… it happened. I worked up the courage to schedule my own boudoir session and there I was, standing in the bustling epicenter of Times freaking Square, NYC, stripped down to nothing more than a backless bodysuit, fishnet stockings, and some blazing hot stilettos.

I was completely out of my comfort zone and totally on fire. I felt a new sense of power that I didn’t know existed and in that moment, I knew I was beautiful and sexy as hell. Nothing mattered but the new feeling of strength, power, and independence but more importantly, the feeling of coming back to myself for the first time in years.

Rebel and Romance Boudoir

Rebel and Romance Boudoir

What’s In It For You?

And for you? Whether you’re seeking photos for yourself or as a gift for your partner, in addition to amazing images that capture your most intimate beauty, the inevitable outcome will be one of personal transformation and freedom from the voices that tell you you aren’t enough.  

Your session with me is all about you - the subtle curve of your back, your shadowy silhouette shrouded in soft light, and the power of your beautiful body captured in a most intimate setting. When I show you your photos, you’ll see what I see - a beautiful woman owning her feminine power and looking sexy as hell doing it.

Come as you are and embrace who you are in this very moment - I’ll help you see the gorgeous creature that you already are.