And so it begins. Whether you’re ready to go all in or still wondering if a Blush Boudoir Session is right for you, one thing is true…getting boudoir portraits done will change your life.

 How It Works & What’s Included:

 Once you reach out, we’ll set a time for your initial consultation. We’ll talk style, wardrobe, posing, likes, dislikes, fears, hopes, and dreams. From there, we’ll discuss your shoot and begin the pre-planning process.


  • Break The Ice: Let’s kick things off with a video chat or an in-person meeting where we’ll talk process and become acquainted. My husband says I’m “sparkly” so be prepared!

  • Explore: Discover your vibe and share your ideas/preferences with me by using our shared Pinterest board to curate a sampling of boudoir images you love. Don’t be afraid to explore, let your imagination run wild, and throw caution to the wind.

  • Ready To Wear: Use the Blush Boudoir Outfit Selection Guide to plan your wardrobe. To maximize the fun and limit the overwhelm, use our tips and pointers to select pieces that work for you. Sexy reigns supreme, but physical and emotional comfort are a must.


  • Champagne & Yummies: On the day of your shoot, once you arrive you can make yourself comfy and we’ll start the process. Operation seductrify is under way. Enjoy champagne and a delectfully light treat as we prep and pamper your beautiful self. Let’s do this, shall we?  


  • Hair Did & Makeup Done: Indulge and luxuriate in the hands of my makeup and hair professional. Your pre-planned looks will guide your transformation and before you know it… sizzle, sizzle, sizzle.


  • Accessorize, Baby: Like a kid in a candy shop, enjoy full access to the Blush Closet of Jewelry. Add a dash of dramatic flair or a simple, subtle touch to accentuate your sexy and get you in the zone.


  • The Shoot: Bid adieu to yesterday’s you, it’s time to shine and you’re gonna slay. We’ll start out slow, I’ll coach and direct you, and before you know it, you’ll have this whole “sexy thing” under control. Swagger, baby. It’s yours, all yours. Sessions are 2 hours.


  • The Reveal: Hot damn and amen. I told you you were hot. 2-4 weeks after your shoot, it’s time to see a different side of everyday you. There might be tears, cheering, or feelings of utter disbelief, so come prepared to celebrate you.

  • Order and Receive: Isn’t so hard to pick through all these amazing images? We packages available for everyone, with payment plans to match. Albums start at $1600, Folio Boxes start at $1800, Digitals start at $1200.


Session Pricing Starting at $500


Sessions typically take place in my studio, but if you’ve got something else in mind or are looking for something totally different, we’ll explore options together and hand select a location* that’s beyond perfect and totally amazing.

 *Fees for travel may apply.




The logistics of this steamy affair are much like those laid out for the boudoir session but with a more collaborative and seductive vibe.

Reconnect, find a deeper level of intimacy, and indulge your seductive instincts when you and your partner book an in-home Intimate Couples Session. Let’s capture the spark that brought you together and make it blaze brighter than ever as you embark on this naughty adventure

 Each couple that books a session has different ideas and levels of comfort when it comes to levels of intimacy they’d like to engage, the vibe of the shoot, and additional intentions beyond amazing photos. From soft and romantic to deeply sensual, the camera will meet you where you are and we’ll ride the tide to see where it goes.


  • Slow & Easy: Think lazy Sunday morning, coffee in bed. We start slow and break the ice, lounging about, relaxed and in your element. As you and your partner become more comfortable, so begins the shoot.


  • Take It Off: Little by little, piece by piece, couples shed their clothing until they’re in their outfit of choice be it bare and beautiful or all done up in a sexy lingerie set. This is all about your level of comfort with each other and the camera.


  • Get A Room: From the bedroom to the kitchen to the formal dining room, it’s up to you where we shoot. We can move about or stay in one place - feel free to choose your own adventure.


  • Have A Smoke: When it’s all said and done, you and your’s will feel a heightened sense of intimacy, connection, and spark. Damn, that was good.


Pricing starts at $875


Sessions are 90 minutes, and after our reveal session, you’ll walk away with 20 meticulously edited digital images.

 Sessions take place in the familiar comfort of your own home and we’ll work together to pre-plan your experience and tailor it to your individual wants and desires.

 *Fees for travel may apply.



The Story of Caitlyn


First I want to brag about how amazing Emma is. I met her two years ago to do family pictures with my husband and two children. She mentioned she would love to do a boudoir shoot with me as my husband and I were only married a year. A little bit later I finally decided I would do the shoot as an anniversary gift to my husband.

Well, Emma was amazing in getting it set up and keeping me calm and excited about the experience as I have always had self esteem issues about my body. She made me feel totally comfortable about my decision and also boosted my confidence, making me feel beautiful in my own skin.

She taught me that I am exceptional no matter my size.

So the day of my boudoir shoot finally came. To say I was nervous would be a total understatement. I went to our location within this most amazingly beautiful hotel. The first thing Emma said was don’t be nervous and get ready to feel confident and beautiful inside and out. I then was handed a mimosa which helped my nerves and began to get my hair and makeup done. Emma made me feel pampered and totally fierce that day.

I honestly felt like I could take on the world after we were done with hair and makeup.

I brought a ton of sexy outfits with me and Emma personally went through each outfit and put a few outfits together that were stunning. Next the shooting started... I was so totally uncomfortable with being pictured in these outfits and Emma felt my nerves taking over. She throughout the whole shoot did nothing but build my confidence. She would say how beautiful I was and how my husband was going to love seeing me like this.

She called me fierce and stunning which really helped me through it. By the end of the shoot I never felt more confident, fierce and sexy in my entire life. It was such a liberating feeling to know what I accomplished that day and the confidence I gained not in just my body but my overall self.

It has now been a year and a half since my boudoir shoot and I still walk around with this confidence that the world is mine and know I can do anything. I still feel sexy in my skin and know that I accomplished something that most women would fear.

I highly suggest doing a boudoir shoot with Emma for maybe someone you love but you also have to do it for you. Emma will make sure throughout the whole process that you are taken care of and will only have you wear things your comfortable wearing and point put you in positions that will bring out the best you.

I feel so blessed to have worked with Emma and be able to call her my friend. She is amazingly wonderful at what she does for her clients and her craft. I will NEVER use anyone else for my photos