The first step is desire - that’s all you need to set things in motion. What comes next is a low-key, no-hard-sales conversation where we talk about your wants, must-haves, must-not-haves, inhibitions, fears, and anything else you might be feeling or wondering about having boudoir portraits taken.

As your photographer, I’m here to support you in feeling confident and excited about booking a session, to speak to any concerns you might have, and to answer your questions about stripping down and stepping into your sexy, sultry, seductive self as we embark on this transformational expedition together.

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The Story of Angela

I would like to start with my why.

I think so many women think of boudoir sessions as something for their significant other but my why's roots where in my self-esteem.

I had always wanted to do a session even before I was married because I would see these women and could see their confidence, strength, and beauty in all their pictures. I wanted that feeling and to be able to remind myself when I needed it by looking at those pictures. 

I was so comfortable right from the very start! From the first message I sent, to the final product, Emma made me feel so comfortable. At our first meeting I was so nervous and I'm not going to lie a little terrified to be discussing taking picture of me in pretty much nothing. But she made sure to get to know me before even diving into the session details, so when it came time to discuss outfits, poses and my "WHY" for the session I was completely comfortable and open. (Even taking out a bra and panty set and putting it on the table just in time for a police officer to walk by, lol). She made sure to keep in contact in the months leading up to my session, including her honest opinion on outfits I was thinking of buying. When the day came I felt like I was going over to a friends house for a girls day instead of being nervous. Emma made sure to chit chat as my hair and makeup where being done and explaining more about the shoot and how it would go.

During the shoot Emma continued to be awesome, she always seemed to know when I was in my head to much and would get me laughing and relaxed again. I could not say enough positive things about her and my experience I am so honored to be one of her clients.

Now for the results!! I was blown away by all the amazing photos to choose from. It was the hardest part of the whole experience. I love the little black book because it fits perfectly in every pocket of my husbands uniform. He has been able to take it with him while deployed so I know that was his favorite.  He was so blown away by the pictures and keeping it secret was one of the hardest things I've ever done but so rewarding!!!